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The Chronic Drugs Medical Scheme (CDMS) is a Social Enterprise whose mission is to facilitate the delivery of affordable high quality patient experience to low-income populations through strategic partnerships and interventions in the health delivery value chain.

We are a member of the Making More Health initiative,  a global community of social entrepreneurs in health that is active in over 40 countries and reaching more than 9 million direct beneficiaries. We also operate a Research & Consultancy Division. Our team members have conducted several successful research and feasibility projects.


We partner with Small & Middle-sized health providers to provide the following solutions:

CDMS operates as a group purchasing organization (GPO), with the objective of enabling small health care providers to buy drugs at better prices than are usually available to them. We do this by leveraging the aggregate procurement muscle of the individual small providers to negotiate discounts with manufacturers and distributors such that individual providers enjoy the benefits only available to large buyers.

For Health Workers

  • Marketing advisory and consumer awareness services for health providers
  • Specially tailored and branded awareness campaigns for hypertension and diabetes

Experienced quality assurance team designs quality systems and conducts quality audits

Providing access to telemedicine hubs

Affordable cloud accounting solutions for small businesses


In collaboration with the Making More Health network, CDMS has designed tailored consumer awareness campaigns for patients with hypertension and diabetes.

Mali Moyo and Kisu Kisukari are two animated characters that we use as the faces of campaigns motivating people to watch and measure blood pressure and blood sugar. These images can be used on digital messages, give-away stickers for patients, posters, leaflets, brochures, etc.

Our group procurement value proposition

We help hospitals to have predictability in their procurement processes and to achieve valuable savings and hence reduced cost of doing business.

We work with importers and distributors to deepen their market reach and to enable their health provider clientele enjoy lower procurement costs thus increasing market share.

We enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to achieve higher sales volumes by linking them with distributors, small & medium sized hospitals and clinics.


  • Access to quality and affordable pharmaceutical products
  • Access to credit from CDMS-approved suppliers
  • An efficient and simple procurement process
  • Assurance of quality pharmaceutical supplies
  • Will be kept up-to-date on new pharmaceutical products from contracted manufacturers
  • Excellent customer service


CDMS Ltd is a new Group Purchasing Organization whose core mission is to provide access to affordable lifesaving medication

Leveraging on order aggregation

Improved sales for suppliers

Better Deals

The constant increase in drug prices places health care providers under pressure to provide the best care, maintain quality and remain affordable. Suppliers typically give the lowest pricing to buyers of high volumes. That’s where CDMS comes in handy. If your business isn’t big enough to buy large quantities on its own, joint purchasing through CDMS can yield lower prices for customers than can be obtained on their own.

Our Markets

  • Small and medium size Hospitals
  • Institutions with in house clinics
  • Clinics and Dispensaries
  • Nursing Homes
  • Physicians
  • Chemists and pharmacies

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