About Us


The Chronic Drugs Medical Scheme (CDMS) is a social entrepreneurship established to develop and implement innovative supply chain interventions to reduce the cost of chronic illness medication, in order to improve access and affordability for low income Kenyans particularly those living on less than the equivalent of $2 Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) per day.

Our Target Beneficiaries

Low income Kenyans rely on the public health system for their health needs, as they cannot afford the high costs in private hospitals and chemists. However challenges in the public health system means that services are not often readily accessible, especially in the availability of essential drugs. Patients are thus compelled to turn to these private facilities. The end result is that many individuals go without medication or buy inadequate dosages, in either case resulting in poor health outcomes.

CDMS therefore targets small private hospitals and chemists who, because of working capital and space limitations buy drugs in small quantities thus not being able to qualify for quantity discounts. By being able to deliver lower procurement costs to these facilities, CDMS aims to lower the end user prices of drugs thus supporting one of the key pillars for achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3-“Good Health & Wellbeing”.


Providing access to quality and affordable lifesaving medication,
particularly those for Non Communicable Diseases, to health providers across Kenya at the lowest market price.




We seek to deliver our promise to customers and stakeholders using the most practical and fast methods so as to save costs.


We act ethically at all times by embracing sound moral principles, uprightness and honesty while ensuring strict compliance with policies, laws and regulations.


We keep and deliver our promise beyond our customers’ expectations

Customer oriented

We listen to our customers and strive to deliver an ever-increasing value in the markets we serve. We focus on customer relationships that build trust, confidence, and loyalty.


We keep the promise


We strive to always act in a manner that builds trust with our investors, business partners, and other stakeholders. We honor our commitments and promises, demonstrating consistency between our actions and words