Our Market

The constant increase in drug prices places health care providers under pressure to provide the best care, maintain quality and remain affordable. Suppliers typically give the lowest pricing to buyers of high volumes. That’s where CDMS comes in handy. If your business isn’t big enough to buy large quantities on its own, joint purchasing through CDMS can yield lower prices for customers than can be obtained on their own.

Our Market comprises the following:

  • Small and medium size Hospitals
  • Institutions with in house clinics
  • Clinics and Dispensaries
  • Nursing Homes
  • Physicians
  • Chemists and pharmacies

Benefits of Our Services

  • Access to quality and affordable pharmaceutical products
  • Access to credit from CDMS-approved suppliers
  • An efficient and simple procurement process
  • Assurance of quality pharmaceutical supplies
  • Will be kept up-to-date on new pharmaceutical products from contracted manufacturers
  • Excellent customer service

How to become a CDMS Customer

Simply complete the customer application form provided herein, and we will contact you. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to understand your needs and ensure satisfaction with our services.