Our Suppliers

CDMS aims to offer all our supply chain partners a strong value proposition for their services. Our organization’s activities are anchored in the need to reduce the cost of life saving medicines for users. We therefore invite manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products to partner with us to offer affordable and quality pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers.


CDMS seeks to partner with Distributors of pharmaceutical products to offer quality affordable pharmaceutical products and medical supplies.

Benefits of Being a CDMS contracted Distributor.

All our suppliers will benefit from additional volumes and access to new markets:

  • Improved sales volumes for products through pooled orders from CDMS customers.
  • Efficient aggregation of fragmented orders
  • Access to new markets

Benefits of being a CDMS contracted Manufacturer

  • Improved volumes through aggregated orders by CDMS
  • Increasing awareness and market penetration of  products
  • Acquiring new users
  • Improved outcomes from usage of products through more consistent use and compliance
  • Complement Government and Global initiatives in combating NCDS and other diseases through the offer of more affordable prices.