Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDMS?

CDMS Ltd is a new Group Purchasing Organization whose core mission is to provide access to affordable lifesaving medication, primarily for Non Communicable Diseases but also for others. At CDMS, we aggregate demand through group procurement thus achieving lower prices.

What is the meaning of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A GPO is an entity that assists healthcare providers to realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors.

As a GPO, CDMS will improve access to affordable, quality medicines and other related medical supplies. In conjunction with partners, CDMS will offer training and necessary capacity building services to its customers.

In which ways will CDMS improve my business?

CDMS guarantees lower procurement prices thus allowing you to order larger volumes. In addition, you will enjoy credit facility thus freeing your working capital for business expansion. Should you choose to pass the savings to the end consumer, you will be assured of customer retention, attract new clients and improve business image. Quality medicines lead to improved treatment outcomes and lower repeat treatment visits.

What services or benefits does CDMS provide to its business partners?

  • By leveraging on order aggregation, CDMS is able to achieve prices which individual businesses would not achieve on their own thus giving you access to quality yet affordable products.
  • CDMS will ensure your communication with suppliers is maintained and orders will be delivered directly to you by the supplier. In case of any query, supplier can be contacted for support.
  • You will be assured of a lower purchasing risk and quality service as CDMS vets every supplier for credibility and quality of goods.
  • CDMS will save you time, money & resources
  • Working with CDMS will lead to reduced workload for the individual businesses allowing your staff to focus on more strategic issues

How does CDMS open new markets for Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors?

Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors who work with CDMS will have access to all healthcare providers on our panel. These include Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Nursing Homes thus ensuring your products get a wider market reach.

Can CDMS obtain better pricing than I already have?

Most healthcare providers negotiate prices with just a few suppliers due to time constraint and lack of proper procurement processes. They therefore end up paying more than they should.

CDMS has negotiated prices with manufacturers and importers and through aggregation of orders from the healthcare facilities; CDMS is able to obtain price discounts.

What if I can obtain better pricing than CDMS offers?

CDMS’s discounted prices are guaranteed by the contracted suppliers as a result of the high purchase volumes which allow suppliers to reduce margins while maintaining their profit levels. This is applicable both in the short term and in the long term, which as an individual entity, you may not easily achieve.

Does CDMS procure or distribute products?

CDMS does not procure or distribute any products. On the contrary, CDMS negotiates prices, receives orders from the customers and then places the aggregated orders with importers. Arrangements are then made to have the orders delivered directly to the customer. CDMS also provides customers with a platform for direct order placement with suppliers at the negotiated prices.

Who can purchase supplies through CDMS?

The following entities can purchase medicines and medical supplies through CDMS subject to being fully licensed by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and any other relevant regulating authority:-

Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics, Nursing Homes

How does one sign up with CDMS?

Any Healthcare Provider interested in doing business with CDMS can sign up through the CDMS sign-up page on the website or directly by contacting CDMS staff at:- +254 203673998 / +254 70304198 / +254 730173998; or sending an email to chronicdrugsmedicals@gmail.com

Are there any costs associated with procuring through CDMS?

No there are no costs

Does procuring through CDMS disrupt the operations of my business?

CDMS ensures that existing relationships with suppliers are upheld and deliveries are done directly to you by the suppliers. . We seek to provide an environment for our customer that ensures access to quality and affordable medicines and other medical supplies through negotiated prices from distributors, importers, and manufacturers. CDMS will support members to streamline their businesses, promote efficiencies, and improve accountability and use of data for decision making through a continuous capacity building initiative.

Why should I purchase my medical supplies from a CDMS Supplier?

Medical practices are faced with rising costs on many fronts, accompanied by stagnant or declining reimbursements, so every cent saved is important. The purchasing power of CDMS enables its members to get pricing and terms that individual practices may not receive. CDMS also saves its members the time and money needed to select suppliers and products.

How do I take advantage of my CDMS partnership?

By ensuring you consolidate all your purchase orders and placing them through CDMS. In this way you are  assured of larger discounts from CDMS’ network of manufacturers, importers & distributors.

By participating in our activities and networking with other providers on our panel to share business ideas and keep abreast of industry developments.

What is my obligation to CDMS?

All healthcare providers under the CDMS panel will continuously make their medical supplies purchases and due to the benefits accruing, their businesses are bound to expand over time. .

This means suppliers can expect to gain market share when they are able to provide CDMS with the most competitive pricing. This approach provides increased volume to suppliers that are willing to offer the greatest savings.